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We believe that the deepest and most important journeys are ones that point inward and offer true awakening. Experiences can unlock everything. We provided all-inclusive getaways that are designed to reclaim, restore, and renew. We work with brands, studios and travel companies that align with our vibe and collaborate on events and retreats for the wide-eyed and open hearted.


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Movement + Manifestation

We believe that by harnessing the power of conscious physical movement, we can embrace a more harmonious existence. In creating space in the body through movement, we create space in the mind and spirit. We combine conscious breath work and meditation practices with Pilates, functional movement and self fascial release.


Fascial Stretch Therapy

Fascial Stretch Therapy (FST) is a dynamic and effective form of bodywork. FST targets fascia, the most prevalent connective tissue in the body that supports every aspect of movement. FST can increase flexibility, reduce aches and pains, and improve range of motion. Sessions can focus on specific area of the body that needs attention or can be general full body session that will leave you feeling freer in your body.


Personal Lifestyle Photoshoot

We offer tailored shoots with Move With Experiences’ resident portrait and lifestyle photographer, Richie Biluan. We will choose a spot, a vibe, and a look that reflects your authentic self. Don’t be nervous - you’ll get to experience her relaxed methods in portraiture and you’ll leave this getaway with a personal set of edited photos ready for the world to see.


Guided Photowalk + Styled Shoot

With the technology we have in this modern age, photography has never been so accessible, yet there are hundreds of photos on our phones that no one ever sees (#truth). Richie will go over the basics of composition and light, and give tips on how to improve your visual storytelling to give you the tools to build online photo albums that will more accurately describe your travel experiences.


Meditation Journey

Lie Down. Listen. Journey to your Wisdom Within.  Our experiences are created to help bring clarity and groundedness into your life and being. Whether it is a guided walk, a meditation, or a sound back - a soulful exercise in presence and awareness is always on the bill.


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Your Hosts


Kelsey Wiedenhoefer

Kelsey is the owner of Move With Studio in California’s Bay Area. She comes from a lineage of athletes, dancers, and teachers, so her love of movement and comprehensively teaching it to others is in her blood. She completed the BASI Comprehensive Pilates certification and became a Master Barre Instructor for Tracey Mallett Fitness, leading teacher trainings all over the world. Kelsey also received the highest level of training through the Stretch to Win: Fascial Stretch Therapy Program, and is a Level 3 Fascial Stretch Specialist. Her confluence of training, movement, and care for the body acutely represents why Kelsey’s clients are devoted to her system. To learn more about Kelsey visit her website.


Richie Biluan

Richie is a multi-faceted creative currently residing in Honolulu, Hawaii.  Richie’s photography work focuses on capturing the authentic self and the unspoken closeness between humans in relationship.  Her work in branding is centered on authenticity and empowerment. As a true and passionate empath, Richie is set on curating experiences that open the mind, soften the heart - and create a little magic. Whenever there is an option to go a bit deeper, to practice vulnerability, to ask the questions you wouldn’t ask yourself - she will. To see Richie’s work in black and white film photography click here. To contact her regarding creative consulting visit


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