raison d'être

Our first retreat is in the books. The sound of the ocean could be heard from every corner of the property. We remain grateful for every moment. Not only did we provide a week of radical self-care for our guests, but Kels and I had a chance to reclaim ourselves as well...
Sayulita 2019 was an invaluable experience. Numerous obstacles come with planning an event like this one, even more so when you are planning to have one in a different country. Obstacle after obstacle, we were blessed with Humility. Mercy. Consciousness.  Whenever something fell through, we were forced to answer questions. Why are we doing this? What are our intentions? What is our purpose? What is our reason? Our raison d'être?  We thought. We talked. We prayed. We realized how much we truly believe in this work. 

The work in reclaiming connection. 
The work in creating an environment for restoration. 
The work in cultivating a sense of renewal. 

KW and I are nurturers at heart, so providing a high-end experience in which needs are beyond met - this comes quite natural for us. We love to spoil the ones we love. Perfecting every details is something we genuinely find joy in doing. And so, with every setback we sought opportunity. How can we turn this situation around and align it with our intentions? The work became easy. 

The work in consciously curating.
The work in holding space for others. 
The work in truly taking care

And so now, we invite you to join us on our continuous journey in the creation of future events, retreats, and getaways. We invite you to share this your tribe… because our next one isn't too far away...

With love and magic,


Ready to go?