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Movement + Manifestation

Kelsey believes that by harnessing the power of conscious physical movement, her students can embrace a more harmonious existence. In teaching how to create space in the body through movement, she encourages space in a mental and emotional state. This can lead to fuller, happier, stronger, and more tranquil living. In her classes, Kelsey delves deeper into her movement practice and theories by combining Pilates, functional movement and self fascial release. Conscious breath work and meditation practices will also be included to renew mind, body and spirit.


Fascial Stretch Therapy

Fascial Stretch Therapy (FST) is a dynamic, effective way to care for your body. FST targets fascia, the most prevalent connective tissue in the body, and supports every aspect of movement  — muscles, tendons, organs, ligaments, and nerves. By moving joints in tandem with their surrounding tissue, both the fascia and muscles relax at the same time. As a result, FST can increase flexibility, reduce aches and pains, and improve range of motion. Sessions can focus on specific area of the body that needs attention or can be general full body session that will leave you feeling freer in your body.


Personal Lifestyle Photoshoot

Tailored mini-shoots with Move With Experiences’ resident portrait and lifestyle photographer. We will choose a spot, a vibe, and a look that reflects your authentic self. Don’t be nervous - you’ll get to experience Richie’s relaxed methods in portraiture and you’ll leave this getaway with a personal set of edited photos ready for the world to see!


Guided Photowalk + Styled Shoot

With the technology we have in this modern age, photography has never been so accessible, yet there are hundreds of photos on our phones that no one ever sees (#truth). Richie will go over the basics of composition and light, and give tips on how to improve your visual storytelling to give you the tools to build online photo albums that will more accurately describe your travel experiences.


New Moon: Meditation Journey

Lie Down. Listen. Journey to your Wisdom Within.  Our experiences are created to help bring clarity and groundedness into your life and being. Whether it is a guided walk, a meditation, or a sound back - a soulful exercise in presence and awareness is always on the bill.


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